Dahua Technology Helps Secure Construction Sites in Denmark

Times:2013-09-24 Browse:6785

HANGZHOU, CHINA, September 24, 2013 — In 2010 registered 1,125 reviews of thefts at construction sites in Denmark. Today we see signs of organized crime, where players work a very structured approach - with greater economic losses for installation companies. Although companies are insured, they lose money every time. There is often a high deductible on the type of insurance, which in many cases cover only 60 percent of its losses.

PTZ Security, the distributor of Dahua in Denmark, is experiencing a growing interest in CCTV on construction sites, of which 90 percent of the systems are from Dahua Technology.

"We have extensive experience with these tasks, because the construction sites must take matters into their own hands,” said Lasse Østergaard Jensen, owner of PTZ Security. “Requirements specification of each tasks are highly variable, and can be anything from HD monitoring and observation to advanced speed dome solutions with constant monitoring verification. As Dahua is a leading security manufacturer in the world, we have access to a full range of solutions based on the same platform which is an obvious advantage.”

"Dahua has been dedicating to provide wide range of security solutions,” said Michael Chen, VP of Dahua Technology. “We would like to help our partner in the region with our in-house technology and seamlessly technical support to leverage both parties’ benefits.”